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You made it! You crossed over! You have been blessed enough to see today! You have been blessed enough to read this message (hehe)! Congratulations! Unfortunately, not everyone made it over the line into 2020. Not everyone was fortunate enough to see this new decade on God's green earth. And neither did everyone's marriage or relationship status either. Life happens sometimes but we at The Hubby Stones are determined to do what we can to empower, enrich and encourage you with as many nuggets of information, pearls of wisdom and gems of knowledge as possible to help as many as are willing to receive it, along their journey by sharing ours. Here's to a fresh start for those who need it! Here's to a revival in a dying marriage for those who need it! And here's is to divine marital and relationship intervention for those who need it also. Don't forget, we're all part of one body (1 Cor 12:12) so we have to help each other when we can. Remember, "nothing changes if nothing changes". Have yourself an awesome 2020 and beyond.

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