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When temptation strikes, we can probably agree that all rational thinking goes out the window. Its allure has the ability to subdue your logical mind into making decisions you wouldn’t normally make with all your faculties in place. At this juncture, I would like to suggest some practical tips on how you might win the scrap you find yourself in when the fight is on. First on the list is this - Run! Flee! Escape! Make like Joseph when Potiphar’s wife was trying to seduce him and get out of there (Genesis 39)! Ain’t no shame in it. You’ll be grateful you did so in the long run. Otherwise, you start having conversations with yourself that go something like, “Yeah but I haven’t done it for ages” or “I’m only going to do it once and that’s it!” or “This will be the last time, I promise”. Been there, done that, and STILL did it again. If you are asking yourself these questions at this point, you’ve already lost.

Flee Temptation!

This leads me to my second tip - Leave Content Lock On! The internet is no place  for the weak minded among us and yes, although you may not be a child anymore, having that extra barrier before entry may cause you to stop engaging childish things. I know it helps me! Having the chance to pause for a moment and question why you are doing what you are doing may be all you need to stop you from making that trip to temptation island. The final tip I would suggest is to start the day the right way - have a read of your Bible. Starting your day with the Word sets a reminder in your brain to focus on those things which "are true, are noble, are just, are pure, are lovely, and of good report" (Philippians 4:8). These are the things we should meditate on daily in order to stave away the lusts of the flesh. It does take some discipline and you may not succeed over night but rest assured in the hope that your frequency of “falling” will be significantly reduced over time.

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