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Por-NO! pt.4

Let's talk about the unseen long term damage you could potentially be doing to yourself and your spouse by consuming too much pornography.... and I'm not talking about the going blind kind. Like any addiction, "once you pop you can't stop!" Not only is it hard to stop but you need to consume more to experience the same "high" you had the last time. This will likely mean more time in the bathroom and less time with your spouse. That is not a good look my friend. The arousal needed to satisfy your sexual appetite will have increased and you become harder to please through the pleasures that normal intimacy has to offer. I believe one of the reasons the Bible advises us to "drink water from our own cistern" in the book of Proverbs 5:15, is to reduce the chances of us stepping outside of our marriages to find the new "high" we crave for. Not only does it have an affect on your contentment in the bedroom, it may also introduce unnecessary pressures and expectations into your sex life. That guy can only do that thing because he has a 15-inch on him. And that lady can only do that thing because she has double G's on her. If you're not built like that, the time you're spending away in seclusion will be better spent learning what works for both you and your wife (not to mention it’s being filmed with breaks, lights, make up and likely no real connection between parties. It’s NOT REAL....your sex life IS!). Make time to talk about your sexual desires with one another and then more time to experiment! This is how you "Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice with the wife of your youth." (Proverbs 5:18).

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