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Por-NO! pt.3

"JESUS!!!" I remember being on the brink of falling on one occasion and my wife was nowhere to be found. My will power was fading rapidly and my phone was in hand ready to go incognito. This was one of those "Break in case of Emergency" type situations and so I did - I called on Jesus. I literally screamed out His name as if He were about to fumble the last shot at the buzzer! I kid you not, I actually felt the temptation dissipate and flee from my body. I was suddenly free the urge. Phew! That was a close one! Bringing Christ into that situation put the spotlight on what was about to happen and change the outcome. The two did not mix and it really brought the following scripture to life: "What fellowship does light have with darkness?"(2 Cor 6:15). Accountability is very important and a sure fire way of placing a barrier between you and the pornographic material that we have such easy access to. I'm not saying it will work every time but if there is ever a time where you need a fail safe that you can call on at a time of genuine need? Jesus is the way to go.

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