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"Let time run its course"

One of the key lessons that I've learned during my time in a marriage is that sometimes, you have to let time have it's way if you want to see real change. You cannot force the issue. If you do, you may be fooled into thinking that you have achieved change on your own schedule when in fact it is premature, has no foundation and ultimately won't last.

As someone who doesn't mind a bit of confrontation for the sake of a quick resolution, I've had to learn that during a disagreement, we can't always get back onto "talking terms" when I'm ready. My wife also needs to be ready. I need to let my wife calm down also otherwise the consequences for me won't be good.....namely rice with no stew! And we can't have that now, can we? 😊It's important she has that time so that when we do discuss the disagreement, the discussion will be constructive and not based on heightened, raw emotion. This avoids things being said out of anger or frustration that can sometimes cause long-lasting damage. This is balanced with the fact that we have an agreement that we never let the sun go down on an argument. As much as time is important, both parties should always be mindful of the importance of not letting issues linger. The need to give things time also applies when making personal goals that you have set for yourselves. You can make suggestions to your spouse or offer advice about things in their life, for example, going to the gym or how to maintain work/life balance, but ultimately, if either of you is not ready to receive that advice, it simply won't happen. Be patient, choose your words wisely, trust in the Lord and let time run its course. Only then will real change begin.

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