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"Stay vigilant!"

There are seasons in life where certain "situations" come to test your marriage. They may come unexpectedly like a flood and all you have time to do is react. Have your wits about you because one thing we have to acknowledge is that there is an "enemy" out there who is not for us and certainly not for your marriage. In fact, the Bible cites that he is out there trying to "kill, steal and destroy" (John 10:10). There are people in our circles out there trying to the same thing... but we're not about to let that happen. You have to cover each other in prayer, with vigilance and with discernment.

Some things may appear to be good for us but may not be God's thing for us, for example, that high risk investment that might cost you your house deposit money? That sister from Church who requires your counsel a bit too often? That family member that likes to disrespect you in public? All of the situations (and more) come to sow a seed of confusion in your household but we must be as cunning as a lion to snuff them out. We should not and cannot allow them to take root as it will threaten the very foundation your marriage is built on. It is our hope and prayer that you and your spouse are able to identify such seasons in your marriage, recognise them for what they truly are and be able to navigate your way through it successfully. We'll be praying with you if you need us to.

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