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"Loving the sound of your own voice?"

I know I do! I get a kick out of people listening to what I have to say, especially if it's something of substance. My wife loves my voice too but maybe not as much as I do. I can definitely recall a few occasions when it has been a bit too overbearing for her. Even, I'm ashamed to say, to the point of talking over her or not letting her finish her sentences 😟. That is not a good look for anyone let alone her husband.

loving the sound of your own voice

What I've learned is that there are better times for that voice to be heard than others. For example, when giving a speech at a wedding or delivering the Word to a church congregation, are probably more appropriate than in a heated debate or argument. One thing I learned a long time ago is that the louder you raise your voice, the more out of control the situation becomes and the less of a handle you actually have on things. Unless the matter is truly urgent, we should try our best to rein it in, keep the discussion controlled and use that voice when we've finished listening to the other person speak. God gave us two ears for a reason.   

Even though we may love sound of own voice at times, let's try and make sure we don't abuse it. No one would want to listen to us if that was the case.

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