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"Are you comfortable in silence?"

Before taking our relationship to the next level, one question I asked my then girlfriend (now wife) was, "Would we be comfortable in silence?" Random question right? Well... it's a good question to ask! We asked ourselves this because we wanted to know if the silence would make us feel awkward around each other.

together in silence

Thankfully, it didn't. There wasn't a need to fill up the space with insignificant discussion. We were comfortable being silent. This was definitely a new feeling. Unlike relationships of old, the pretentious behaviour one puts on when trying to get the girl...or guy, had gone out the window a long time ago so there was nothing to hide! This relationship was different. It wasn't filled with lust and hidden agendas. Silence usually uncovers the uncomfortable truth that "ain't nothing going on but the rent" once those needs had been satisfied. If you have answered "yes" to the question above then I believe you are on the right track. It's a sign that you have progressed to a phase in your relationship where you are comfortable in eachothers presence without having to worry that "something might be up". Be happy with the fact that it's ok to be silent and not always having to talk...but not for too long though. Your partner might actually be giving you the silent treatment and THAT, dear friends, is a whole other blog post for another day.

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