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"Expose yourself!"

Over the past few weeks we have been talking a lot about boundaries within a marriage and the benefits of putting them in place. The final gem in the series ties them all together. It's all about exposure.

Expose yourself!

Not of the indecent sort thankfully (please forgive the clickbait!) but the sort that comes from exposing your thoughts and feelings to one another and letting her know the steps you are taking to safeguard the marriage. "A boundary that is not communicated is a boundary that is not working. It has the same net effect in the marriage as if there were no boundary."(Boundaries in Marriage, Cloud & Townsend). This is beneficial for the both of you as it helps you stay connected emotionally. If you don't communicate what will or won't be tolerated, then you are prone to suffer the consequences of a breach where "crossing the line" becomes common place. That is not a happy place to be in. I'm so scared of entering that place that I make sure my wife knows that nothing is off limits in terms of topics of discussion. Oftentimes, it tends to be me that spouts off the first thing that comes into my head about a particular topic, which then lands me in a bit trouble for not putting it through the filter first but hey, you know what they say, "Better out than in" right? I dare you to do the same. Go on then, expose yourself!

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