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"Take the initiative!"

One of the nice things about marriage is how comfortable you can become as your daily marital routine begins to unfold. You're in your safe place so why not, right? That is fine... as long as you don't become so lackadaisical that you start letting things that should be prioritised or discussed slip under the radar. Being active in marriage means using your initiative.

Traditionally, men are groomed to be leaders and the heads of households so, in most conventional circumstances, it's for us to take action first. Naturally taking action involves taking on risk. Life is not to be observed from the sidelines, that would be the more passive approach. Be first to discuss marriage goals, personal goals, family finances, child rearing, schooling etc. These are part and parcel of what it is to be a leader. Whilst you're at it, be sure to be an active listener as well! Just because you're the one that normally takes the first step, it doesn't mean it should always be that way, nor does it mean you should take it without consulting or counsel from your wife. She is your "helpmate" for a reason. If you find difficulty in this area, talk about it. Let her know about the difficulty you have in taking the initiative on things and work through it together. There's no shame in that. In fact, you are likely to both end up more empowered and loving from this kind of scenario! Being honest with yourself is hard enough let alone with someone else. Conversely, if you do regularly make the first move, you galvanise the trust and dependability needed in a marriage as you continually prove your decision making prowess to your wife and family. Be active. Be first. Take the initiative.

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