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It's important to have boundaries in a marriage as they demarcate a safe space for you and the Mrs to operate in freely without rocking the boat (too often). A particular type of problem, however, can start to rear its ugly head in when you start looking outside of those markers and focusing on the things you don’t have. What am I talking about? Envy.

Envy, much like jealousy, causes you to focus on the happiness of others over your own contentment. It can spring up in various forms as well. A friend could be explaining how the 'Parking Assist’ system on their brand new car works but you can’t concentrate because all you can think of is how lucky they are to own such a vehicle. Another instance could be when a friend is telling you the about the rigorous training regime they put themselves under to compete for the next 'Iron Man’ but all you can think of are all the reasons they are in shape versus the reasons you re not i.e. quicker metabolism, shorter stature, smaller frame etc. This is clearly not a happy existence as it starts from a position of lack, which is never a good foundation to build upon. Instead, ask our good God for desire! The opposite to envy is desire; a trait that focuses on what you already have and motivates to go and seek out more. Instead of coveting thy neighbours possessions (Exodus 20:17), take these feelings of insecurity to God and "He will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4).

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