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"What are your motives?"

What are the motives behind what you do in your marriage? Are you trying to honour God by upholding the vows you said on your wedding day (I hope so!) or are you trying to keep up appearances with other married couples that seem to have it all together? Are you pretending to be happy in your marriage when you are really struggling and choose to suffer in silence? Whatever it is you are dealing with in your marriage, don't to let fear be the captain of your ship. It will happily steer you into the rocks and watch from the sidelines as everything crumbles around you.

Is the fear of acceptance a driving factor in your life? Did you leave a low paying job that you loved for more money (and stress) because of how you might be viewed? Did you have a wedding you couldn't afford to keep you with the jones? GET A GRIP MAN! Fear is only interested in your downfall and will stop you from discovering who you truly are in marriage not to mention the potential you are on your way to achieving! You can't afford to be costs too much in the long run. Remember that "love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18). The love between you and your spouse shouldn’t allow you to deal with this battle alone. Remember that “Two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Make sure your motives are true and honour who you are and what you represent. Have the Lord check the motives of your heart and expose anything that will not honour Him, you or your spouse but work on those motives that do. This kind of health check is the type that will keep your conscience clear and motives in check. Ask Him now and see what He has to say.

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