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Take responsibility for YOUR actions!

Although this may be somewhat obvious to some, once you get married, you are required to bear each other's burdens. This is correct. What you mustn't do is own them; they are not yours to carry, "each must carry his own load" (Galatians 6:5). If your wife is a compulsive liar, it's your responsibility to govern how you react when she doesn't tell you the truth, not to deal with her compulsion. That is on her. If you are the one with bad spending habits, it is your wife's responsibility to deal with how she is affected by your poor decision making. The bad habit is on you to deal with.

Once you have established the role you play in these situations then you can start to enforce boundaries. You may have to become more guarded with the information you reveal to your spouse as a result of her lack of truthfulness? Your wife may have to cut up your credit cards to ensure her credit rating is not adversely affected by your uncontrollable spending habits? This is how you "carry your own load" and take responsibility for how YOU are affected in the situation. However, we don't want to leave it there. We also vowed to "bear each other's burdens". Seek out professional help or counsel to help you both through these challenging times. We agreed t both be in this together. We're not trying to punish anyone here, only trying to protect the long-term relationship and each other whilst doing in the process.

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