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"Every action has a reaction"

This note isn't just for the married folk. This is applicable to relationships across the board. It boils down to this: you reap what you sow. There will be all kinds of consequences to your actions but some may be more detrimental than others if left to fester. If you don't like washing the dishes after dinner has been prepared for you, your partner might start to foster resentment toward you at the lack of appreciation at their efforts in keeping you fed and watered. Don't be surprised if you get hit with a "harsher than usual" response the next time you ask her to do something completely unrelated.

wife blasting husband

The same is true of the person who doesn't communicate much about their emotion well being or comes across more guarded than most. Don't be surprised if you find there is a lack of sexual intimacy between the you because of your emotional disconnect. Before these negative reactions to start to evolve into bigger issues you would do well to recognise the part you play in this story and examine role your character is playing. If you "don't do dishes", how about you let her know (for a start!) and then suggest cooking or get a take away instead? If you don't like to express your feelings so much, why don't you let her know (for a start!), endeavour to find out why that is and include your partner on that journey of discovery with you? Do not let your problems stagnate. The reactions to the actions you receive didn't just appear out of nowhere. Take time to identify where the root cause might be and you can prevent that mole hill from becoming a mountain.

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