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"Protect your Marriage"

The covenant of marriage is a sacred one and should be treated as such. It's not every Tom, Dick and Harry that needs to know about the inner workings of your relationship. At times there need to be boundaries between you and your nearest and dearest. Heck, there needs to be boundaries between you and your spouse at times but we'll get into that in another post.

Exposing secrets or personal information to third parties should be treated with much caution. Unfortunately not everyone is for you and your amazing relationship and, as a result, would love to find a chink in your armour they can exploit if or when the time called for it. Don't give them any leeway. Instead focus on trying to resolve or discuss important issues between the two of you first before seeking outside counsel. If you are finding that you are knocking heads or the message is getting across then you may want to consider extending that bridge to a trusted friend, couple (both of the married variety) or professional who can give solid, impartial advice on about the given situation(s). It's not realistic nor is it advisable to live out your marriage in a bubble. What is advisable however is that you keep your circle small. It's not everyone that should have a free pass into Zone 1.

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