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"Say something nice to her"

Up until this point you will have noted the merits of action over lip service. I still stand by that however, there is something significant to be said about the power Words of Affirmation. Verbal communication is the life blood of any marriage but speaking words of encouragement, words that edify, words that build up and don't teardown, give your relationship that bit more life and that bit more love. Obviously, the three words are great but can lose their potency if spoken too often I find. You've got to switch it up sometimes! "Babe, thank you so much for dinner tonight. You're such a good cook!" Or "I love the way this dress sits on you. It really compliments your figure!" Or "The way you teach Sunday School is amazing. You are so creative!"

Say something nice to her

It has to be authentic otherwise she will see right through it and we only want the truth around here. Having something to compliment your wife about is a privilege and should be treated as such. I have found that the more you affirm your spouse the more likely she will reciprocate in kind. Talk about a win win! Try it for yourself. Stop reading this and go and text her something sweet. You never know, it might make her day!

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