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"Let's get physical!"

Whether this is a primary love language or not, physical touch is paramount to the survival of ANY relationship. It promotes the healthy development of a person's emotional well-being and a reminder that they are loved, protected and cared for. This is particularly important when big life events happen like raising kids or grieving a lost one.

physical touch

This love language is not all about sex, contrary to popular belief, although sex is considered one of the most intimate forms of communicating love to one another physically. It also manifests itself through kissing, caressing, stroking, hugging, massaging, hand holding to name a few. When you see your woman after a long day at work, sometimes you just need to give her that all consuming bear hug and kiss on the forehead, as she nestles her head deeper into your chest. You are communicating so much to her at that moment, "I still love you, care about you, want to be with you, protect and comfort you..." without so much as a whisper! It is these sort of interactions that speak a thousands times louder than the spoken word ever could. Try making a mental note of what she is particularly responsive to. Pay extra special attention when it comes to the arena of lovemaking. Instead of going at it like two bunny rabbits on heat, try taking time to read her body language and familiarise yourself with what she likes and dislikes. She'll thank you for it, then you can thank me later.....not in that way though.

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