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"Time to do those dishes!"

This is actually one of my favourites things to do! Probably because this is my primary love language - Acts of Service. I know you've heard of the expression "action speak louder than words" right? Well this is where that saying comes to life for me. The basic premise around acts of service is doing things you know your spouse would love for you to do, without being told to do it. If it means giving her a foot massage, watching her favourite reality TV show with her (and not complaining about it!) or grabbing a take away so nobody has to cook that night, that is an act of service; an act of love.

It doesn't need to be extravagant either! Something simple like setting the dining table, hanging the washing out to dry, hoovering the house, paying some household bills are all included. If you are really looking to impress, try doing these things without being prompted! Can you imagine the brownie points you'll be getting!?

We’ve got to remember that love is a choice. I hope you choose to show your partner how much you love her by doing some small gestures like these, without being asked or told to do so.You can bet your bottom dollar that, over time, her "love tank” shall runneth over.

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