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"Spend a little Quality Time"

For the next few weeks we'll touch on the five love languages highlighted in Dr Chapman's book. I've found that quality time takes on various forms during the course of a marriage. Ideally, a person who responds best to this 'language' requires your undivided attention; time set aside for both individuals to be actively engaged with one another. In doing so you begin to foster and build on the intimacy that tends to dwindle throughout the course of most relationships.

I have also found that spending time in each others presence, not necessarily in conversation, is also another form of quality time that my wife tends to appreciate. It's a comfort to be in close proximity with each other whilst engaging in other activities like checking email, tidying up the bedroom or getting the dinner ready. Whether it's five minutes, five hours or five days, make sure you find that time to spend with your significant other but not just any old time - quality time.

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