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The Five Love Languages

Now would probably be a good time to introduce to you the Five Love Languages, as put forward by Dr. Gary Chapman. According to Dr. Chapman, every single person has at least one primary love language that communicates love best to us. The five consist of the following:

1) Quality Time

2) Acts of Service

3) Gifts

4) Physical Touch

5) Words of Affirmation

It will do your marriage a world of good if you find out what your wife's primary love language is. If you can’t figure it out - just ask! She'll also appreciate the fact that you are taking an active interest in speaking to her in a way that makes her happy. That’s what I call a "win, win"! In fact, stop reading this and go and ask her right now. I would recommend you grab the book whilst you’re at it. Trust me, it's worthwhile investment. I'm not a betting man but I'll definitely put money on this one. Enjoy!

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