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"Is 'compromise' a dirty word?"

Some people seem to think so. Some people say it's just a ploy for her to get her own way. I'm not one of them. Nor do I believe this should be the outcome if applied properly. For example, if I have paid for the food shopping, surely I can expect you to top up the fuel for the car right? Or if we visited my in-laws last week after church service, we can visit yours this week right? It's all about balance. If the scales are tipped too heavily on one side though that is when the floorboards start to crack.

It is in those times where a potential disagreement is on the horizon that a good healthy compromise is the most effective. It's not about one person getting their own way all the time either. That is not a compromise. That is just selfish and we don't like that. The views of both parties must be taken into consideration before you agree on the next steps. It's all about "give and take" and the more practice, the better it will serve you as it has done for so many before you.

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