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"Confronting Confrontation"

I understand that it can be a bit daunting facing difficult situations head on but I can assure you, the sooner you tackle them the better! I learnt a long time ago that the longer you leave something the worse it gets. I've applied this philosophy to most situations in life and apart from sound financial investments and good wine, it seems to hold up. It's better you face it now and deal with the consequences instead of delaying and facing the inevitable later.

confronting confrontation

You'll find that there is rarely a time such as "the perfect time" and if there was, it would probably be "now!" Take a step of faith and confront whatever gremlins you have lurking around. It is my prayer that the bond that holds you both together will be able to withstand the knocks, the disappointments and the upset you may encounter along the way. Make sure you put these things into prayer but make sure you pray together.

Good luck!

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