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"You don't listen!"

It has been alleged that women are far more talkative than men and as a result, we men have become serial offenders in the area of "low attention span". It’s not that I don’t love my wife or share an interest in what she may be taking to me about... sometimes I just happen to zone out for a moment or get distracted (Sorry!). Not like that is an excuse or anything but in order stop hearing those infamous words, “You don’t listen!”, here is a nugget I discovered and I implemented before I got married!

You don't listen!

I discovered the following technique on a pre-marriage course my wife and I attended. It's called "Active Listening". It literally means, you drop everything you're doing for that moment and actively engage in what she is talking about. As you listen you confirm your attention with an acknowledgement, some participation and or a summary in your response. It clearly demonstrates that you are engaged in the conversation being had. And there you have it. Viola! Problem solved! You can thank me later.

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