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"Be Strong and Courageous!"

Be Strong and Courageous!

Contrary to what the headlining image might imply, I'm not talking about being strong and courageous in the area of strength and toughness, I’m talking about being strong and courageous in conveying your emotions to your partner.

Too often we as men shy away from revealing our true feelings to the person we intend on spending the rest of their lives with. Being vulnerable is not a bad thing! You may not want to expose how much debt you really have or the ex-girlfriend you still talk to or your sexual preferences in the bedroom - I get that - but that pretence can only last so long. I found that revealing my insecurities and concerns actually turned a supposed weaknesses into a strength! It encourages honesty and more open dialogue between the two of us. This is paramount for a long lasting marriage. Those things that may have been "off limits” in times of old are now accessible and able to be trusted by someone other than yourself. That is powerful!

Unveiling your true self to your partner may have been unchartered territory once upon a time but it is my hope and prayer that this new level of "real talk" will only add to the integrity and solidarity of your relationship from here on out.

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