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What is your priority?

In a recent conversation with the Lord, I started pondering over this very question. I was surprised to learn how direct and straight to the point it could be! Ask yourself, "What is my priority here?"

Doesn't sound that deep on the surface right? In any given situation, your immediate response might be something like "I want to get to work on time", "I should go to sleep but I want to watch one more episode of How to get away with Murder", "I need to get home as early as possible". Great. Based off those responses, ask yourself the same question again and you will begin to uncover the motivations behind your initial responses, "I want to be recognised as a punctual employee", "I don't get much of an evening so I want to delay tomorrow for as long as possible", "I want to spend more quality time with my family",  Why? Why are these your motivations? "I want to be seen as a reliable employee so I can be considered in the next round of promotions because I need more money", "I find my life too stressful and I need some form of escapism!", "The lack of quality time together is putting a strain on our marriage." You can keep on going with this exercise and if you answer these questions honestly you might be surprised how revealing some of the discoveries might be. For example, I discovered that a busy lifestyle can be detrimental on my physical health and on relationships with family and friends. I will need to spend time reorganising my priority list to make sure I can achieve more balance in life. Try it! I would be interested to find out what you discover about yourself?

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