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Por-NO! pt.1

"No! Stop! Don't do it! Look away! Think about something else!" These are some of the tactics that I've tried in the past to evade the allure of pornography.

Unfortunately, I and many others I've spoken, to have failed to resist the temptation one too many times and have often professed to ourselves (and to the Lord!) that "This is the last time!" I have contended with this topic for a while now and no matter what justification I've tried to give it, watching porn, and the inevitably of masterbation that follows, is not a good look for you or your spouse. It was definitely fun and exciting in the beginning but once you start drifting down that road where the ease getting out your phone or laptop becomes more enticing than the time needed to get your wife in the mood - I'm afraid porn has become an idol in life. You have not only put it before your partner, you've put it before God as well. All it takes is a thought and after some time, you'll be back in hiding getting your quick fix again. I've been there. In the next post (or two), I would like to share with you some practical pointers on how I managed to regain control and dominion over this area in life because it hasn’t been easy but definitely worth sharing.

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