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"Time for a Marriage MOT!"

I’m sure with it being the beginning of the new year an all, many of us have gone ahead and set up new year resolutions, organised the family goals for the year and outlined a checklist of things that we want to achieve in the next 12 months. Brilliant! I would like to add another item to those lists if not already on there. A check in with the Mrs as often as you see fit. This is different to the everyday “How are you doing?” kind of check in. The objective here is to be intentional about finding out how she is really feeling mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So much happens in a day, a week or a month that she might not get to discuss with you let alone realise how it has affected her wellbeing until you ask the question. Call it a "Marriage MOT”.

Questions like "How have you been feeling lately? How do you feel our marriage is going? Are we are spending enough time together? What can we do to improve things? What do we need to cut down?” come to mind. She should also question you on the same things so that you both  find out where each other are at and get the chance to recalibrate and move forward. Stick to this resolution for the year and if your weight loss goal doesn’t work out for you, you can at least bet your marriage will be in better shape because of this. 

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