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"The blame game is getting a little old now"

Is it her fault again? Really? So you didn’t have a part to play in it, no? You and I both know what the real answer to that question is. I don't know if it's me but whenever I hear someone complaining about their other half, the saying "it takes two to Tango” comes to mind. I guarantee that if you dig a bit deeper, I'm sure you will realise that it wasn't all her fault and that you most certainly had a part in it also. And that is exactly what you've got to do - dig a bit deeper. Especially if you want to get a handle of the situation before things escalates further.

It's all about ownership. Owning up to what part you played in the disagreement. And the willingness do what it takes to make sure the same mistakes are not made again. It's all too easy to point the finger but before you do, consider the following:

1) Take a moment and listen to what is being said

2) Assess whether the accusations hold some truth or not

3) If it does, be ready to own up to the part that you played, apologise and move on

4) If it does not, let them know why and whether an apology will help things move on or not

The goal here is not to prolong the argument but to reach a conclusion quicker than you would normally. Your energy will be far better spent on those areas of your relationship that require more attention than in each others faces playing the blame game all day. This isn't an easy one to tackle but if the amount of finger pointing in your household start to reduce - I'd consider that a win.

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