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“To fight or flight? THAT is the question!”

fight or flight

No, it really is! If you have been with your partner for a while, you will have no doubt butted heads on a few occasions. Please understand that it is NOT your duty as the “Man” to have the last word, win every battle or agree on everything. Sometimes you’re meant to lose bro. Let that sink for a minute...

At times you will have to quickly assess whether the argument, disagreement or difference of opinion is worth fighting for. Remember, not all battles are created equal. For the sake of peaceful home and a relationship that can traverse the drama that comes with it, you will do yourself a favour not to engage in every battle on every point that is deemed fight worthy. Sometimes it’s best you leave the ring and take flight (well, not literally of course). Don't mistake your retreat for cowardice or weakness either. In due course you will see the wisdom in your smart decision making. It's all about timing (don't tell her I told you that though!).

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